The Return of Star Wars: Rebels

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The final season of Star Wars: Rebels begins this Monday, October 16th with the one hour season premiere episode 'Heroes of Mandalore'. Keep an eye on The Nerd Room Podcast feed this Monday as we will be dropping a special preview for Season 4!


Season 4 Episode Guide

The first 9 episodes of the 15 episode Season will air over the next 5 weeks with hour long and back-to-back episodes.

"Heroes of Mandalore” - October 16, 2017 (hour long)

"In the Name of the Rebellion” - October 23, 2017 (hour long)

"The Occupation” - October 30, 2017

"Flight of the Defender” - October 30, 2017

“Kindred" - November 6, 2017

"Crawler Commanders” - November 6, 2017

"Rebel Assault” - November 13, 2017


The Nerd Room Star Wars: Rebels Aftershow

We will be back each week with The Nerd Room Star Wars: Rebels Aftershow, recapping all the new episodes of Season 4. Catch up on our back catalogue of Season 3 episodes here or check out our review of 'Zero Hour' below

Lucasfilm has released a recap of the first three Seasons to get everyone ready for what is going to be an emotional and action packed final Season of Rebels. 

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