Feature Fridays - Hindsight: The Novel


Feature Fridays is a NEW Nerd Room bi-weekly post that will highlight creators and their content! This week we are featuring Hindsight: The Novel!

An exciting new novel titled Hindsight from Matthew KeeganMarc Godsiff, and Paul Jones  arrived digitally and on paperback on November 22nd, 2017! The book has received incredible reader feedback and has a 5 star reader rating on Amazon.  

Hindsight: The Interviews

Over the next few months I will be joined by all three creators of Hindsight for a special podcast series that will dive into the creative process of crafting Hindsight! You'll be able to listen to this series of podcasts on The Nerd Room Podcast feed!

In the first spoiler-free episode, hitting the feed on November 28th, 2017, the creators will discuss and detail the conception and creation of Hindsight. In the second episode, the readers will be in the drivers seat and given the opportunity to send in questions for the creators!

Support Hindsight and it creators by purchasing Hindsight on Amazon using the following links and make sure to leave a review!

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You can discovery more by visiting the Hindsight: The Novel Facebook Page.



Hindsight Synopsis

The year is 2065.

The super-rich have a new way to vacation and collect rare items, Time Travel.
One man can allow you to travel back in time to witness a major event, see an old friend or relative long gone or to attain a rare work of art.

But you cannot interact, you cannot divert from the path and you must not change what takes place.

Thomson Carr is the creator of the Market, a man ‘out of time’ most of his life, and with the assistance of a specially selected team he can offer these services.

Martin Townes is a man that simply wants to right a wrong. Nothing more, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. 
Even if it means shattering time.

Spanning hundreds of years in time, The Market will take us to places and lead us to mysteries we never had fully answered, offering a glimpse of what was, and always asking the question…

What would you change…

in hindsight?

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