Inhumans Teaser Trailer Released

Marvel released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Inhumans TV event set to debut on IMAX screens on September 1st, 2017 with the full 10 episode series hitting ABC on September 22, 2017.

The history of the Inhumans in the MCU is much more turbulent than any other property to date. Once slated to have a theatrical release of November 2, 2018 it was quickly shifted to July 12, 2019 in the wake of Spider-Man joining the MCU. Its original release slot it would fallen in between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 and would have had to tie intimately the storyline developed between those event films. 

At the time of the original announcement in 2014 I speculated that the terrigen bomb would have been set off towards the end of Avengers: Infinity War which would lead directly into an Inhumans film. This would have somewhat paralleled the 2013 Infinity comicbook event that launched the wave of Inhumans titles we have today. 

As the Inhumans were set to make their original theatrical debut in 2018 they made their first MCU canonic appearance on TV towards the end of the second season of AOS in 2014. The storyline in AOS is a bit of a hit and miss but they did have some freedom to set up the origins of the Inhumans while noticeably staying away from any mention of the Royal Family or Attilan. 

As the Inhuman story continued to develop in AOS through its 4th season the Inhumans film was quietly removed from the cinematic slate in early 2016 and placed into development purgatory until the announcement of the Inhuman IMAX/ABC event in late 2016.

The Inhmans is going to be a real test for the continuity of the MCU. If AOS, Inhumans, and the MCU are in fact contained within one single universe there needs to be references and subtle ties to the wider MCU continuity in the Inhumans. With a unprecedented Cinematic-TV style of release, this could be the perfect continuity bridge for the entire MCU. 

Check out the trailer below and listen to Episode #79 of The Nerd Room for our detailed breakdown of the Inhumans teaser trailer.