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Talk Star Wars

Features Marc, Rob, Steve, and Paul; a quartet of awesome blokes from the U.K. who break down the news and themes of the movies, books, games, toys, and more. These guys are laid back, knowledgeable, and very welcoming of everyone to their vast ecosystem!

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Rogue Squadron Podcast

Star Wars, cold beer, video games, and deep discussions; just a few of the things that help the Rogue Squadron Podcast stand out from the rest. Join your co-hosts and engage in lively conversation about your favourite Star Wars moments, and feel like you’re “in the room” for each episode. 

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San Diego Sabers Radio Podcast

San Diego Sabers is the premiere lightsaber combat training group in the San Diego Area! We get together on-air to talk about saber fighting, combat techniques, and lots of Star Wars geekery! For the full archive of podcast episodes, and also more information on San Diego Sabers, go to;

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TumblingSaber podcast features the Star Wars-loving trifecta of Kyle, Cory and James; three Canadians who sling their special blend of insight and ridiculosity to bring you a unique slant on the news and rumours from the galaxy far, far away. They also love being put on the spot by listener input, so jump into the fray and set your questions to stun! 

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Generation X-Wing

With Star Wars in their hearts, but retro pop-culture on their minds, Rob, Anil, Josh, and Jamie deliver a weekly dose of nostalgia. From movies, music, television shows and hobbies, if you spent any time as a child in the 80’s or 90’s, these guys deliver a podcast that will leave you longing for the days before podcasts were even a thought on the cultural radar! 

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The Nerd Room

The Nerd Room is a weekly podcast bringing you the latest comicbook, movie, and collecting news and reviews. Hosted by Tim, Troy, and Sunjay, a trio of hosts dedicated to bringing their unique brand of enthusiasm to podcasting about Star Wars, Marvel, and DC! Enter The Nerd Room every Thursday for the latest on all things comics and movies! Join them every Monday for TNR: Star Wars Rebels Aftershow!

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TSW Monthly Episodes - Thursdays

TSW Toybox.png

TSW Toybox

Each Thursday TSW features a monthly show, starting with the TSW ToyBox, the show, hosted by Rob Wade, Marc Airey and Jeremy Rowling, is dedicated to the world of collecting, vintage and modern acton figures ships and play sets.



TSW Comics

The second Thursday of each month is home to the TSW Comics show where Marc Godsiff and Robert Cast discuss the latest Star Wars comics news and look at some of the new titles on offer.



TSW After Darkside

The third Thursday of each month will feature the TSW After Darkside, a short format, slightly more adult, clip show that features audio from before and after the recording of the main Talk Star Wars podcast. TSW After Darkside is not necessarily Star Wars focused, but is a lot of fun.



TSW Roundtable

The last Thursday of each month will be dedicated to the Talk Star Wars listeners and Star Wars Commonwealth hosts as Robert Cast puts together a super group of podcasters called the TSW Round Table. The Round Table sees Star Wars Commonwealth listeners pitch questions to the hosts who have to think on their feet and bring their A game in a round table discussion about the GFFA! 


Skyhoppers Podcast.jpg

Skyhopper Podcast

The Skyhoppers Podcast features the dynamic duo of Ben and Ash, two Star Wars mega fans who take of their favourite topics from the Star Wars universe and discuss it in detail every week. They can guarantee their will be many tangents, but it will definitely be a good time.

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Journals of the Whilling

A bimonthly podcast taking a deep dive into the canon Star Wars literature (books, comics, reference material) coming from Kyle and Steve of the TumblingSaber!



Talk Star Wars - Kessel Run

A TSW VIP exclusive daily podcast hosted by Marc G.

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TSW Toybox Daily

A daily podcast from Marc Airey, a short form podcast looking at collecting news and toy reviews available directly through the main Talk Star Wars website.