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It has been a big week in Podcasting for the Star Wars Commonwealth! Sit back, relax, and catchup on all the recent Star Wars news, Force Friday II stories, and insights into the Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 trailer brought to you by the Star Wars Commonwealth podcasters! 

SEPTEMBER 4TH-8TH: Find this weeks podcasts from the Star Wars Commonwealth Podcast Network below!




Talk Star Wars | Ep. 85

It's episode 85 of the Talk Star Wars podcast and Marc, Steven, Rob and Paul talk about Snoke using mind control, Obi-Wan leaving Tatooine and Rey returning to Jakku. They take a look at the new image of Luke Skywalker from The Last Jedi, an image of Rey training with the staff and Donald Glover with a beard as Lando in the Han Solo movie. All that and much, much more...

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Rogue Squadron Podcast | Ep. 114

Now that Commander is back from LA, we get into the Game of Thrones finale, Force Friday finds, Harambe, Han Solo changes, and the Rebels Season 4 trailer.

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San Diego Sabers Podcast | Ep. 34

This week, you are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, HOME ONE HANGOUT!  We have Mike Moriarty on from the Home One Hangout podcast where we talk about Star Wars memories, The Last Jedi predictions – and somehow pulled porg sandwiches keep coming up?  


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TumblingSaber | Ep. 91

We’re here to throttle the daylights out of your Tuesday with a near three-hour podcast full of the latest from the Star Wars galaxy! On this week’s show, we tackle:

  • The biggest Star Wars Lego set ever known
  • Revealing info on the First Order Executioner Stormtrooper
  • Phasma’s helmet staying put
  • A striking new image of Luke
  • Snoke’s mega Star Destroyer
  • Paul Bettany stepping in to Han Solo
  • and who could forget the latest Rebels trailer.

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Generation X-Wing | Ep. 124

With Jamie still away moving into a new place, Anil and Rob are joined again by Vincent Chou (@stuff99 on Twitter) to talk about Time Travel in movies, TV and comics. We also discuss the rules of time travel. Does it suit the Star Wars world? What would we do if we had the ability to go back in time?

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The Nerd Room | Ep. 86

Join hosts Tim and Troy to discuss the huge week in Star Wars, including our Force Friday II stories, Episode IX director change, Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 trailer and much more!!

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TSW Monthly Episode


TSW Kessel Run | Bonus Ep.

This month, as a bonus, we are releasing the VIP Exclusive podcast called the TSW Kessel Run, an episode that we recorded at the midnight opening of Toys R Us for Force Friday II. The audio was recorded on mobile devices so apologies for the rawness of the sound. We had a great time at the event, where we met up with some local listeners/VIPs. 

If you would like to be a part of the VIP community and participate inmate ups, giveaways, get the TSW Kessel Run every day and take part in facebook live sessions, head here and sign up for as little a £1 per month.



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Skyhopper Podcast | Ep. XIL

This week, Ben and Ash are joined by Ash's sister Maggie! You may remember her from the episode where we did a commentary for the Holiday Special (if you deigned to even listen to it). Ostensibly, this episode is about looking back at the first two seasons of Rebels, but the hosts spend a lot of time discussing the big news with Colin Trevorrow, as well as the Rebels Season 4 trailer. This is just a fun episode done in the classic Skyhoppers style!

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Talk Star Wars - Kessel Run

A TSW VIP exclusive daily podcast hosted by Marc G.

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TSW Toybox Daily

A daily podcast from Marc Airey, a short form podcast looking at collecting news and toy reviews available directly through the main Talk Star Wars website.

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