Force Friday II | Top 5 Picks

TNR FF3.jpg

Although I won’t exactly be out on THE HUNT at this years Force Friday midnight rush, I certainly will be clawing my way through the stores this weekend to find a few key collectibles for my Star Wars collection.

Here are my Top 5 picks for Force Friday II toys!

5. Funko Pop!

Pop! collecting has become much more of a pick and choose line for me, I am a fan of the sculpts but the line is just too big to be a completist. That being said, The Last Jedi Pop! line looks fantastic and I will definitely be starting the collection with Luke, Porg, and Snoke!

Luke POP.jpg
Porg POP.jpg
Snoke POP.jpg

4. 3.75" Action Figures

The 3.75" action figures will always have a place in my collection. The 5 POA figures are at a great price point and the sculpts and card art from the previous two film releases have drawn me back into 3.75" collecting! I will slowly pick these up as the waves drop and save my FF cash for some of the bigger pieces (but I'll definitely be grabbing the Luke!)


3. Disney Store Elite Series 

The Elite Series has slowly become one of my favourite lines and is the single Star Wars collectible line I am seriously considering displaying out of the box. I'll be picking up the Snoke, the Praetorian Guard, and the Execution Trooper and wait on some of the others to see if they are discounted the same way TFA and Rogue One lines were. 

Snoke Disney Store.jpg
Petroian Guard Disney Store.jpg
Executioner Trooper.jpg

2. Lego

I have recently made the decision to scale back some of my lego collecting and only purchase ships and large vehicles in the Star Wars line and The Last Jedi lego is delivering on my collecting focus! I am anticipating The First Order Heavy Assault Walker to be one of my favourite Lego sets in recent years! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

lego Walker2.jpg
Lego Walker.jpg

1. The Black Series

Fortunately Sunjay was able to find both Troy and I the entire first wave of The Last Jedi Black Series on the shelves at Walmart earlier in the week, taking a lot of pressure off of us, especially for the Hera and Thrawn! Now my sights are set on the Gamestop/EB Games 6" Snoke exclusive! Hopefully I am able to grab this before they sell out! If past EB Games exclusives have been any indication I shouldn't have any issues because they will be stacked deep on the shelves.

6" Gamestop Exclusive Snoke

6" Gamestop Exclusive Snoke

What are your top picks for Force Friday II? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and good luck on THE HUNT!