Star Wars: Rebels | Season 4 Poster

STar Wars Rebel Season 42.jpg

The final season of Star Wars: Rebels received a poster treatment today! It was released on the Star Wars twitter account along with the tag line;

"All paths come together when #StarWarsRebels returns to @DisneyXD on October 16"

The poster teases the battle of Lothal with Grand Admiral Thrawn and Governor Pryce looming in the background. The most interesting part about the poster the presence and placement of the wolf we saw in the Season 4 trailer. Looking much more ominous, the wolf looks poised to play a much larger role in this season than I had previously expected or it could be that Dave Filoni just really wanted a wolf front and centre.

Look for my theory of the Wolf, Ashoka, and how it all ties to Ezra and Kanan's storyline later this week! Until then, marvel at the glorious final poster for Rebels!


What are your thoughts on Season 4 poster, and do you think the wolf factor into the final season in a big way? Let us know in the comments below!

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