The Last Jedi | Black Series Wave 3

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Wave 3 of TLJ Black Series will be hitting shelves sometime this fall and we now know the case ratio and repacks for the final 6" wave before The Last Jedi hits theaters. 

Wave 3 will bring us three new 6” figures; Snoke, Rose, and the 2016 fan choice figure Jaina Solo. Repacked in this wave are Maz and the Elite Praetorian Guard from Wave 2 and Jedi Master Luke, Rey, and Kylo Ren from Wave 1. 


The Last Jedi Black Series Wave 3

Elite Praetorian Guard, Rey, Jedi Master Luke, Maz, Kylo Ren, Snoke, Rose, Jaina Solo

Photo Credit: Big Bad Toy Store

Photo Credit: Big Bad Toy Store

The repacks in this wave alleviate some of the hunt anxiety around figures that may have been more difficult to find in wave 2. The Maz and Elite Praetorian Guard figures should now become much more attainable at retail as we will see them in two consecutive waves! With the Wave 3 repacks, the General Leia figure becomes the big prize in Wave 2, so grab it if you can!


The Last Jedi Black Series Wave 2

Maz, Force Order Disguise Finn, Elite Praetorian Guard, Kylo Ren, General Leia, Poe Dameron, and repacks ESB Snowtrooper, and AT-AT Driver.

Photo Credit: Big Bad Toy Store

Photo Credit: Big Bad Toy Store

My predication for Wave 3 is that all three of the single packed new figures will be hard to find, with the Jania Solo playing a lot like the Revan figure (near impossible to get at retail). The fan choice Legends figures run like a short packed exclusive making them extremely difficult to find at retail. We probably will not see another iteration of this character in plastic form for a long time, if ever and because of that I would expect this to be the most coveted figure in Wave 3.

The Snoke could also prove to be a difficult figure to find out of the gate, but I could see him being repacked in a subsequent wave down the line. This figure can also be found as part of the EB Games/GameStop exclusive throne set, which at the moment runs $39.99 USD.

The Rose figure will be a bit on an enigma for Wave 3, she could really go either way. I doubt we will see her repacked in future Waves and the one per case leads me to believe that this may be a harder figure to find than others in the first two Waves. 

Which figures do you think will be difficult to find in Wave 3? Let us know in the comment below!

As always, good luck on THE HUNT!,