Star Wars Anthology - Could This Become a TV Series?

This weekend I was listening to the /Film Daily and heard Peter talking about a Star Wars Anthology movie he'd like to see. What he said triggered a thought that might explain a couple of recent decisions by Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd. Read on for more...

Peter suggested that a Star Wars Anthology movie might feature short movies set in the Star Wars universe by top-tier directors like Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino. Not a bad idea but not very likely as Lucasfilm seems set on a two, one stay structure. At least on the big screen.

Cast your minds back a couple of years to the announcement of the spin-off films and what header these movies would be released under. They were initially going to be called Star Wars Anthology before the dropped that name in favour of the somewhat weaker A Star Wars Story.

Then just a couple of weeks ago it was confirmed that Disney would be removing their movies from Netflix when the license expires and starting their own streaming service. Bob Iger recently confirmed that the Marvel and Star Wars properties would, indeed follow the Disney IP over to the new platform. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not crazy about the idea of having another service I need to subscribe to for films I will already own physically. The only way they will get my subscription is to include content I can't get anywhere else. And hearing Peter talk about an Anthology movie on the /Film Daily had me thinking; What if Lucasfilm Ltd changed the name of the spin-off films because they plan to use the Star Wars Anthology title for a project on the Disney streaming service? 

Could Lucasfilm be prepping a series of one hour short films set in Star Wars canon, to be written, produced and directed by top-tier talent? Talent who may have an interest in working on Star Wars, but cannot clear a feature shaped space on their schedule? I'm thinking of people like Ridley Scott, David Fincher, Kathryn Bigelow, Edgar Wright and Jodie Foster. All names I'd be interested in seeing tackle Star Wars, but in a one-hour format. Is this why Lucasfilm dropped the Anthology title from the movies because they are planning to use it on another platform? 

I'd be interested to know what you think of this as a possibility. Would this be something you're interested in seeing? If so who would you like to see jump on as a creative? And which characters would like to see in a short form live-action setting? Sound off in the comments below...

Thank you for reading,